Welcome!!  As a past Horse Judging Team coach for 25 years at Black Hawk College, Jon knows how difficult it is to find educational materials to either help coach a team or learn as an individual contestant. This brand new DVD Horse Judging Series is designed for those in youth competition but may be useful for college programs as well. The intent is to provide an educational experience for both beginning judges and those with more advanced knowledge. Each DVD is designed with a purpose in mind and the classes contained within are ones that provide an opportunity to increase one’s level of expertise.


User tip: Put your DVDs in a computer, view them, if possible, on a Smartboard®, and take advantage of the added technology!

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Congratulations to the following Perfect Practice users:

North Dakota Paint Horse Association Judging Team 2008
Reserve Champion Team - AjPHA World Show Contest


Black Hawk East - High Overall Team Junior College Division Quarter Horse Congress and AQHA World Show, 2007

Kansas State University - World Champion Team Senior College Division, AQHA World Show, 2007

Kansas Quarter Horse Youth Assoc. Team - AQHYA Youth World - Quarter Horse Division, Champion Team, Reserve High Individual 2007

Illinois Quarter Horse Youth Assoc. Team -
AQHYA Youth World - Quarter Horse Division, Third Place Team

Burleigh County 4-H Horse Judging Team - Champion Jr. Team at the North Dakota State Judging Contest, Reserve Champion Crookston Youth Contest, High Individual Crookston Youth Contest

Baraboo County FFA Horse Judging Team - Champion Team at the Wisconsin State FFA Horse Judging CDE

Sauk County 4- H Senior Horse Judging Team - Grand Champion Team at the Wisconsin 4-H Horse Expo.   High Individual, Oral Reasons.

Sauk County 4- H Junior Horse Judging Team - Reserve Champion Team at the Wisconsin 4-H Horse Expo.

Congratulations to the Kandiyohi County 4-H Horse Judging Teams for placing first, fourth and fifth at the Minnesota State Horse Show in the Senior Division and First in the Intermediate Division.



Just want to tell you that we watched the Western
Pleasure Choices with our judging kids this week.  It
is undoubtedly the best teaching tool I have seen!
This DVD really helps the kids understand everything
we talk about in movement in a horse.  Even my 10 year
members who have been on World Champion teams watched it and said they learned a lot!  All said they wished we had this available when they started judging! You really hit a home run with this DVD!

I love the 2 horse comparison format!  I like the way
it keeps repeating until every one has a chance to
study it.  Gives the beginners plenty of time and does
not rush them.  I just can't say enough good about it!

Would you please repeat this format and quality in a
halter, HUS, reining, and western riding DVD!  If and
when you do, please put my name at the top of the list
to purchase them!

Vicki Coffman, IN

"I watched DVD 9 and I was amazed. They explain clearly what a Hunter Under Saddle horse should move like, how they should carry themselves, and what to look for. It was really, really, really neat. I liked it and learned a lot. In fact, I watched it twice."

Jenay Lindsey


Just watched the HUS DVD.  It was definitely not a let down!  By far the best yet!  Can't wait to show it to the kids.  It will be an excellent teaching tool.  How about doing one on the different reining maneuvers?  We could sure use some help in that area.  What ever you do next, please contact me as soon as it is available. Thanks for letting me know about this one.

Vicki Coffman